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Month June 2008

Bishop Knew of Abortion Plan – Did Nothing!

People use the word shocked for things that are actually not that shocking. This is not one of those instances. A scandal has been brewing in the Diocese of Richmond over Catholic Charities Richmond assisting an underage woman to procure… Continue Reading →

I’m A Wii Catholic

You know how you buy Christmas gifts for people and then you just never get around to seeing them. I’ve had two candy-cane gift wrapped boxes in the corner of the television room for months. I’ve actually dusted them. So… Continue Reading →

The Cafeteria Is Closed

Gerald Augustinus is closing down his Cafeteria blog. We wrote about the difficulties Gerald was having in his faith and on his blog some weeks ago. In the post we referenced at that time, Augustinus strayed far from Catholic teaching… Continue Reading →

NYT: Where All The Babies At?

Christians of various sort have been been sounding the alarm about the demographic mass suicide occurring in Europe for years only to be greeted by the sounds of a mass yawn. But it seems that cognoscenti may be rising from… Continue Reading →

Weekend on CMR – June 28-29, 2008

And You Thought Preaching Was Bad in Your Church—Jerusalem Church catches “Spirit of Vatican II?” Schism! No Not Those Guys, The Other Guys.—Dear Anglicans, do we have a deal for you! Crucified Ronald McDonald Is A Cliche—Painting by numbers. Deconstructing… Continue Reading →

And You Thought Preaching Was Bad in Your Church

I had the good fortune to visit Jerusalem this last week, and found this plaque neatly affixed to one church entry.

Schism! No Not Those Guys, The Other Guys.

The Anglican Church has split! Meeting in Jerusalem at the Global Anglican Future Conference, the conservative members of the Anglican Church, many of whom will be boycotting next month’s Lambeth conference issued a statement. This statement is a very serious,… Continue Reading →

Crucified Ronald McDonald Is A Cliche

This story from the Hornsey and Crouch Journal has every element I love in a sacrilegious art story. First, introduce the brave courageous artist, bring in the overreacting Christians, sprinkle on a suggestion that religious fanatics are responsible for all… Continue Reading →

The Etiquette of Indecent Exposure

Apropos of nothing but way too waggish to ignore, I give you J.D. Carriere. cmrHT to Jeff Culbreath. You have, Dear Reader, perhaps had stuck between your teeth something vegetable; a poppy seed, spinach, whatnot. Likewise indecent exposure. To rectify… Continue Reading →

Doomed! Big Fireball. Doomed.

Gianna Talone Sullivan claims to have visions of the Virgin Mary. I am not one of those immediate skeptics that thinks that any and all visions or claims of apparitions are de facto frauds if they don’t rhyme with Fatima…. Continue Reading →

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