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Month October 2010

Obama Melts Down – Lies!!

Hey, what is a little lying among friends? In this clip, Obama is heckled by AIDS protesters, again. And he lies about “the other side”, again. (ht Gateway) This is what “the other side” did when it was in charge… Continue Reading →

Carving A Pumpkin – With STYLE!

This vid speaks for itself.

CMR Wants Your Election Prediction

Every pundit has their predictions about how many seats the GOP will gain on Tuesday. So why shouldn’t bloggers like us, right? My official prediction is – (drumroll please) 74 House seats and 9 Senate seats will be gained. Patrick’s… Continue Reading →

The Pelosi Pity Party Begins

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) expressed sympathy for how Nancy Pelosi is being treated and the media seems to be joining in, according to Weasel Zippers. He said: “She’s hard-working, focused, trying to do things that are good for the American… Continue Reading →

Hunting For God

Who is St. Hubert? Th patron St. of hunting, that’s who. The story of St. Hubert as told by Father John Sewell (An Episcopalian I think I could like) tells the story this way. In the late 600s A.D., a… Continue Reading →

Catholics Turning to GOP

Are Catholics finally turning their back on the party of death? As we all know, a majority of self identified Catholics voted for Barack Obama for President. But this past week a number of polls have shown a stunning turnaround;… Continue Reading →

Study: The Pill Makes Women Jealous

Did you know The Pill could have side effects? Shock! One researcher is saying that The Pill could make women jealous.Daily Mail reports: A study claims sex hormones in the contraceptive Pill bring out the green-eyed monster, making a woman… Continue Reading →

Is “The Pill” a Right? For Kids?

Abortion and contraceptive giant Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Montana to force them to provide “The Pill” to children free of charge. Did you get that? FOR CHILDREN. Planned Parenthood’s affidavit, according to KRTV reads: The State of… Continue Reading →

B-List Celebs Warns Against Voting GOP

This is just awesome because of how bad it is. I mean really laughably bad. Ed Wood would walk out on this. This makes me really really want to vote next Tuesday. Big Hollywood writes: They trot out a rich,… Continue Reading →

Cutest Trick or Treater Ever

This was just too cute not to share. Shamelessly stolen from Jill Stanek.

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