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Month October 2010

Scientists Claim to Find Liberal Gene

Some scientists claim to have discovered the “liberal gene.” Of course you and I know that this is one of the stupidest thing you’ll ever read but if we were to take them at their word the first thing I… Continue Reading →

Be Catholic on Voting Day

Ht Les Femmes

Transfats Laws Just Like Abortion Laws?

The Baltimore city health department fined a business called Healthy Choice John’s Barbecue, for violating the ban on trans fats. The city passed a law making it illegal to sell foods they deem to be high in trans fats because… Continue Reading →

Couric: Middle America = “The Great Unwashed”

I was going to put this on our links page (The Reader) but it’s just too priceless. Too perfect. It says it all. Katie Couric’s producer says the reason nobody watches her is because she’s stuck behind a desk but… Continue Reading →

Vatican: What Promised Land?

Promised land? What promised land? Chosen people? Not anymore. So sayeth the Synod of Middle Eastern Bishops. In the closing statement of the Synod on the Middle East, the Bishops issued a statement. That statement said (among other things)… n… Continue Reading →

Future Speaker Boehner — I Pray All Day

Future Speaker Boehner (whose skin tone, according to some paleo-socio-archaeologists, is probably very similar to that of a very famous first century semite) say that he prays all day- every day. What fer? Conservative victory? That’s what fer. “I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Women Abort Because They Love Motherhood

I’ve seen this tactic being used more and more by the pro-death crowd. Pro-aborts argue in favor of killing babies out of love because they want their imaginary children to be given a great life with advantages so anything less… Continue Reading →

The Craziest Story on the Internet

We covered lots of serious stuff today so here’s some silliness for you guys. Here’s the question being asked all over the interwebs. Did a Woman Travel Through Time to Attend a Charlie Chaplin Premier? Seriously. Some pretty normally sane… Continue Reading →

Gay Mass Disallowed at Catholic Parish

Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantu has put a stop to St. Ann’s in San Antonio weekly gay/transgender Mass that has been held there for 15 years. Now, Dignity/San Antonio is saying they’re shocked and disappointed. Fred Anthony Garza, president of Dignity/San… Continue Reading →

Caption Joe’s Wandering Hand Pic

There’s just so much going on here. You got Joe’s wandering hand. You’ve got the priceless look from the guy who looks like he’s about to swat him. But then you got the guy sitting behind them looking right at… Continue Reading →

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