The Baltimore city health department fined a business called Healthy Choice John’s Barbecue, for violating the ban on trans fats. The city passed a law making it illegal to sell foods they deem to be high in trans fats because they raise bad cholesterol and lead to heart disease and other problems. In short, they kill people.

“Trans fats are bad for your health,” said Juan Gutierrez, a health department official reportedly said.

But I don’t think liberals really believe that trans fats are dangerous because if they truly thought it was dangerous they would be willing to punish the people who purchase and eat the fatty foods not just the organizations that provide the trans fats to people.

If they truly believed transfats are sooo dangerous wouldn’t they punish the people as a way to save them. The fact that they don’t leads me to believe they don’t really believe that transfats are killing people.

In fact, if they truly believed this wouldn’t they just make it illegal to be fat. If they truly believed transfats were dangerous why not just create a “fat patrol” that goes around and if they spot a fat person they lasso them, round them up and fine them until they become skinny. (Hey it’s not like the fat people can run away and if they do they’ll lose weight from running so it’s a win-win.)

I make this argument to prove a point of course because this is much like the argument they use that pro-lifers don’t truly believe abortion is killing because pro-lifers only want to legally punish the abortionist and not the mothers who procure abortions. They often say our unwillingness to punish women is evidence pro-lifers don’t truly believe that abortion is killing.

I know they can have it both ways in their heads because they’re liberals but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t point it out.