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My Speech at Walk for Life Northwest 2016

*subhead*Surprise!*subhead* It was very cold and very wet, but it was worth it. This weekend I spoke alongside Walter Hoye at the Walk for Life Northwest. He and his wife are amazing witnesses for life. I am so privileged that… Continue Reading →

Stem-Cell Wars Aren’t Over: How “Donated” Aborted Baby Parts Are Being Used

*subhead*The “adult” stem cell that isn’t.*subhead* I wrote this piece weeks ago. It has just now been published online. I had no idea that the Center for Medical Progress was about to drop the bomb on Planned Parenthood and their… Continue Reading →

CA Company Grows Organs From Aborted Babies in Rats

*subhead*The Island meets The Island of Dr. Moreau*subhead* Just when I think I have seen it all, something like this flies up and hits me right between the eyes. A California company, Ganogen Inc., started by some very young medical… Continue Reading →

New Prenatal Screens’ Seek-and-Destroy Mission

*subhead*Getting back to medicine.*subhead* In December 2014, the New England Center for Investigative Reporting (NECIR) released its research into the new non-invasive prenatal-screening tests that are now being offered to pregnant women. These tests look at minute amounts of placental… Continue Reading →

Coming to America…For Sex Selection

*subhead*”Reproductive Rights”.*subhead* Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was for these inalienable rights that the American colonists declared their independence. It is also for these rights that millions have traveled to our shores looking for opportunity and a… Continue Reading →

Musings of a Former Zygote

*subhead*I am a former zygote.*subhead* I am a former zygote. If you are not familiar with biology terminology, a zygote is the first cell that results when gametes (sperm and egg) fuse in sexual reproduction. I teach biology to homeschool… Continue Reading →

Eugenics Still Coercive and Devoid of Real Compassion

*subhead*What is old is new again.*subhead* Today more and more people are whole-heartedly embracing eugenics. They probably don’t know it as eugenics, but every time a human life in the womb or in the lab is cut short because his… Continue Reading →

Sex-selection in the West

*subhead*Real war on women is in the womb.*subhead* Everyone knows that sex-selection is rampant in the places like China and India where ultrasound and legalized abortion mean that roughly 160 million women are “missing.” What many people do not know,… Continue Reading →

The New Love Affair with Eugenics

*subhead*We Heart Eugenics!*subhead* One of the modern zeitgeists that scares me the most is the growing love affair with eugenics among the elite. Whether the masses are aware of it or not, elite ideas trickle down and infect our subconscious…. Continue Reading →

Choosing Life: The Crisis That Wasn’t

*subhead*Life, Love and Joy.*subhead* As the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade dawns, my friends that have adopted children have been posting pictures on Facebook of their beautiful families and thanking the birth mothers for their courage and sacrifice. These… Continue Reading →

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