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Indian Doctors feed aborted female fetuses to dogs to hide sex-selection abortion

This is just horrific.  Abortion is horrific. Gendercide is horrific. And so it is no surprise that these practices breed more horror. I really hope this report is not true. From India Today: Some doctors in Beed are disposing of… Continue Reading →

Abortion and Cigarette Stubs

A buddy of mine has a pro-choice wife. Very pro-choice. In fact, she seems almost obsessed with raising the subject any time I see her. This past weekend I stopped by my buddy’s house to pick him up. We were… Continue Reading →

Your IPad Ultrasound

The pop you hear is the sound of pro-aborts heads exploding. The abortion industry essentially spend about 75 percent of their money and time on making sure women don’t ever see what’s in the womb. The anti-science abortion nuts want… Continue Reading →

Abortion Clinic Bombed

A small explosive device detonated outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in a small town about 100 miles north of Milwaukee on Sunday night, causing minimal damage from a small fire. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. This kind of thing does… Continue Reading →

I Call B.S. on the New York Times

When I was a reporter I’d sometimes hear a reporter come back with an anonymous quote for a story that was just perfect. I mean a perfectly perfect quote from an anonymous source. A source that said exactly what the… Continue Reading →

Vids: Fr. Guarnizo Saved the Life of a Baby, Speaks out for Life

What kind of priest did the Archdiocese of Washington punish after complaints by a lesbian Buddhist that she wasn’t given the Eucharist? The kind of priest that’s credited with saving the life of a child. The kind of priest who… Continue Reading →

Sebellius: Fewer Babies Means Government Savings

This is the sickest thing I’ve heard in days from the Obama administration. CNS News reports that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a House panel Thursday that a reduction in the number of human beings born in the United States… Continue Reading →

GOPer Complains Wife Shunned His Advances Due to Abortion/Ultrasound Bill

Decorum fail. This may be the worst political speech I’ve ever seen. It’s actually kinda’ weird in a disturbing way. This Republican complains that the bad press around his bill requiring an ultrasound before an abortion cost him some nookie… Continue Reading →

Disconnected Logic or Just Lies

I understand that the secularist pro-abortion left is diametrically opposed to pretty much everything I stand for. I get it. But you know what drives me crazy, is that they insult my intelligence while doing so. They constantly try to… Continue Reading →

Morally Tainted

From my latest piece “Morally Tainted: Products Made Possible by the Killing of Innocent Human Life” at the National Catholic Register: Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey has introduced a bill to the Oklahoma Legislature that has caused quite a stir…. Continue Reading →

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