I understand that the secularist pro-abortion left is diametrically opposed to pretty much everything I stand for. I get it. But you know what drives me crazy, is that they insult my intelligence while doing so.

They constantly try to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans.

When pro-lifers ask why the March for Life doesn’t get coverage, the media and the left (redundancy intended) will say abortion is a settled issue. But when attacking pro-lifers (often) they say anti-abortionists are engaging in a “war on women” that’s having a terrible effect on women. They say that state laws are getting passed all over the country that’s limiting access to abortion and the pro-life push to defund Planned Parenthood is sooooo dangerous for women. So is it a settled issue or is the war on women having a terrible effect on women?

When it comes to a bunch of college dropouts, professional rioters, and a few random homeless people camping out in a park they’re called the 99 percent. But when millions in the Muslim world cry “Death to America” and cheer the death of an American soldier, they’re called isolated extremists.

When it comes to oil, the left says that even if we started drilling today it would take five years to have any effect on gas prices so it’s not worth doing (a lie but it’s what they say). But the left throw millions and billions at green energy because someday it might pay off. So when it comes to oil, only short term thinking is allowed but with green energy only long term thinking is allowed.