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Month May 2016

Democrat Congressman Releases Musical Montage Vid of Gorilla

OK. This is a bit much, isn’t it? Just in time for Memorial Day, Democrat Representative Steven Cohen released a video with a musical montage to a gorilla which was killed after a four year old boy fell into the… Continue Reading →

Remember This Hero Priest on Memorial Day

On June 20 of 2009, Lt. Col. Father Timothy Vakoc passed away. Five years before on Mary 29th, 2004, Father Vakoc was terribly injured when he was ordered to return to Mosul as some troops had been injured and required… Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Ignore!

Someone alert the albino monk assassins. Cardinal Robert Sarah has gone rogue. I repeat. Gone rogue. It seems that Cardinal Sarah isn’t totally on board with the spirit of Vatican II. Get him! The Catholic Herald: The Vatican’s liturgy chief… Continue Reading →

The Vile Pro-Abort Reaction to Pro-Life Pol’s Wife Who Admitted Abortion, Found Forgiveness

So the wife of a pro-life politician was threatened with someone saying that they would reveal that she had an abortion as a teenager. So she got out in front of it and admitted it and offered very moving testimony…. Continue Reading →

Students Recite Lord’s Prayer at Graduation After School District Cuts It

This is pretty awesome. The graduating class at East Liverpool High School in Ohio has sang the Lord’s Prayer for 70 years at graduation. But the school district cut the tradition after the nutjobs at the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s… Continue Reading →

CMR Readers, Please Join Me on Facebook

I know I’m like eight years late to the party but hey all, just wanted to ask you if you’re on Facebook please feel free to friend me over there. I just joined last month and have been having some… Continue Reading →

Wife of Pro-Life Pol Reveals Abortion and Forgiveness After Husband Threatened

A pro-life GOP State representative who has been calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and making at least some abortions illegal was contacted by someone who said they were going to reveal that his wife had an abortion. Presumably,… Continue Reading →

Men in Superhero Shirts

I see more and more “adult” men wearing comic book superhero shirts but less and less men acting like heroes? Think there’s a correlation? You betcha’. *subhead*Correlation?*subhead*

President Obama Poses in Front of Statue of Mass Murderer…Again

President Obama, on his trip to Vietnam, poses in front of a statue of Ho Chi Minh, a mass murderer. This guy isn’t just a run of the mill mass murderer. He’s responsible for millions (MILLIONS!!!) of people’s deaths. Here… Continue Reading →

Sooo…Driving an Infiniti is Like Being Gay?

“Look, this isn’t easy for me, either. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but it just feels right,” a young man says to his dour-faced father. “We didn’t raise you this way,” the Dad says sternly. “You must have… Continue Reading →

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