So the wife of a pro-life politician was threatened with someone saying that they would reveal that she had an abortion as a teenager. So she got out in front of it and admitted it and offered very moving testimony. I did a story on it yesterday here at CMR.

But then the pro-aborts reacted with nastiness and vile to this woman.

Here’s a tweet calling her a hypocrite:

Comments from an uncharitable story at Crooks and Liars:

The thing that upsets me mightily is that this poor Christian woman “panicked” and, as a result, expects us to all feel sorry for her. But when a poor black girl gets an abortion, well — hell — that’s just birth control.

So when a Christian gets an abortion it’s God’s way of teaching her the sanctity of life, and when a poor non-Christian gets an abortion it’s being used as birth control.

Got it everyone? F*ck these self-righteous hypocrites, is what I say…

God was aborting the Iraelites’ enemies babies all the time in the Old Testament.

Would her husband marry her or even date her as a single mother? My guess would be no. As a judgemental Conservative Christian asshat he would have thought she was a stupid little slut that should have kept her knees together. If she was raped, well she shouldn’t have dressed the way she did or gone to that party.

He’s 26 and already has 4 kids? Overpopulation, dude!

Here’s some more nastiness from Talking Points Memo:

A Stepford Wife Speaks.

And spouts crap because she made a Choice—but doesn’t want other women to have that same option.

Bless her heart———if she’d birthed a baby out of wedlock, do you think her husband would have had anything to do with her? Shouldn’t she count the abortion as a blessing? A silver lining?

And now the ultimate irony. This comment from Crooks and Liars:

Empathy is for Democrats. Judgmentalism, guilt and forgiveness are for Republicans. They forgive all their own faults and that leaves them ready to condemn everyone that doesn’t believe their BS.