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Month April 2014

Jesus’ Wife Papyrus? Yeah, That’s a Fake

An announcement that’s sure to bum out progressives everywhere is that the much ballyhooed ancient papyrus which PROOOOOOOOOOVED that Jesus had a wife isn’t actually…uhm…real. You might recall that two years ago, Harvard professor Karen King announced that an ancient… Continue Reading →

Group Demands Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop” Too Violent for Kids

This is the kind of complaint that would be funny if it were made to mock other actual complaints. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case. UPI: Librarians at the Toronto Public Library were asked to remove copies… Continue Reading →

That Irish Dissident Priest & The Synod

An Irish dissident priest, with no apparent rejection of his heretical views embracing contraception abortion and the like, has been restored to ‘good standing’ with the assistance of Pope Francis. Pope Francis is believed to have intervened directly with the… Continue Reading →

Google Removes Crisis Pregnancy Ad Because They Don’t Abort Babies

The NARAL nutjobs jumped ugly all over Google, who, let’s face it, didn’t need much convincing, to remove ads for a crisis pregnancy center from the search engine. NARAL ironically called the ads “predatory.” I know, right? The looney tunes… Continue Reading →

Do You See What I See?

Having been born in the 60s, I have no strong recollection, beyond some overheard conversations, of what it must have felt like to witness the tearing down of everything. It must have felt to many that all was ending and… Continue Reading →

Rowan Williams Says Britain a “Post-Christian Nation”

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams called Great Britain a “post-Christian nation.” He would know as I’m pretty sure he’s the post-Christian Rowan Williams. HuffPo: Williams told the Sunday Telegraph that Britain is no longer a “nation of believers,”… Continue Reading →

Priest: We Must Change the Church’s Teaching on LGBT

Fr. Gary Meier, an openly homosexual priest, said in an interview with the Huffington Post that Pope Francis is “softening the tone” of a Church hierarchy that has been “anti-gay” and “hostile” to gay people. Father Gary Meier, a Catholic… Continue Reading →

Can We Close Down The Fast Track?

So the Church and the world have two more saints. I wrote two weeks ago about the infallibility of canonizations and we can rest assured of the infallibility that Popes John Paul II and John XXII are in heaven. Of… Continue Reading →

Wow. Judge Rules that Pro-Lifer Doesn’t Have Free Speech

Pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger has been calling the NAACP the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People for years now as a way of criticizing the groups abortion advocacy. A judge has ruled that he’s not allowed to say… Continue Reading →

Wait, They Can Smoke in Prison But We Can’t Say “No” to Abortifacients

The 8th Circuit Court has ruled in favor of the Native American Council of Tribes v. Weber, stating that South Dakota correctional officials violated the religious liberty of Native American prison inmates’ who use tobacco for religious reasons. I have… Continue Reading →

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