An Irish dissident priest, with no apparent rejection of his heretical views embracing contraception abortion and the like, has been restored to ‘good standing’ with the assistance of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is believed to have intervened directly with the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) to have all sanctions on silenced Irish priest Fr Sean Fagan (86) lifted. 

It was confirmed to The Irish Times in Rome last night that Marist priest Fr Fagan, who has been subject to sanction by the Vatican for six years, is no longer so.
The superior general of the Marist congregation in Rome, Fr John Hannan, said last night that Fr Fagan is now “a priest in good standing” where the church is concerned.

The book that got Fr. Fagan banned in the first place is entitled “What Happened to Sin” is mostly, as I understand it, about the horror that is Humanae Vitae.

But another part of the book I find very interesting. On page 123, we find a passage that is very reminiscent of a certain Cardinal’s preparatory speech for the Synod on the family.

Page 123 …(and also here)

“I feel the same infinite love of Jesus would not be happy with the way our Catholic church harshly treats its members whose marriage has broken down irretrievably and find themselves in a new relationship where they experience God’s love to the full, but are refused a place at the table of the Lord …. Current practice and cannon law have turned the Eucharist, which theologically is for the forgiveness of sins, into a reward for good behaviour. There is very little of the joy and hope of Vatican II in today’s church.’ (p. 123)

What happened to sin, indeed?

One Pope’s heresy is another Pope’s ‘serene theology’.

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