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Month August 2021

Parent Survey: Christian Schools Outperformed Public Schools During Covid

Todd Graves writes at Real Clear Education that parents are pretty unhappy with their public schools while many parents who send their children to Christian or Catholic schools tend to be happier with their choice. He writes: “Among last year’s… Continue Reading →

The Dark Reach of Christian Persecution Extends Across the Globe.

Just a few weeks after a leading Hindu in India said, “Let us drag people from the church and stop conversions at any cost,” a 16 year old Christian boy suffered burns over 60 percent of his body. The Christian… Continue Reading →

Biden Admin Handing List of Allies to Taliban is Opposite of Schindler’s List. It’s a Kill List.

I’m not even saying it’s Biden. I don’t actually think he has much idea of what’s going on. At all. But the handing of a list of Afghani American allies is nothing short of evil. The strange part is that… Continue Reading →

Epic Troll. “My Housekeepers Keep Dying of Covid!!!” Hilarious.

This brilliant guy zoomed into the Dallas City Council meeting pleading for mandatory vaccinations. It’s hilarious. And the city council probably never even knew they were being trolled.

Superman Turns Gay

Lewis Lane? Man of Steel? I’ll stop now. Todd Starnes reports: “Breaking news from the world of comic books — Superman may be gay. Pink News reports that DC Comics is going to kill off the Clark Kent character and… Continue Reading →

Ha!!! Braves fan forgets how legs work at worst possible time

This is why the internet was invented. To save people’s L’s for all time so that future generations can point and laugh. He … could … go … all … the … way … oh no. pic.twitter.com/nFucS4tvSG — MLB (@MLB)… Continue Reading →

Over 60% of born-again Christians between 18 and 39 say Jesus isn’t only way to Heaven; Muhammad, Buddha also valid paths to salvation

Thomas said to him, “Master, we do not know where you are going; how can we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through… Continue Reading →

Ah! Pronoun Problems!

It used to be “us vs them.” Now it’s “ze vs. Xem.” I dont even know who I’m against anymore. Christian Post: “A pair of teachers are seeking to take a Virginia school district to court over a newly passed… Continue Reading →

Won a War/ Lost a War. ‘Nuff Said.


This Should Make You Feel Safe

It will make me feel so much better that I’m carted away to the gulag in a rainbow car.

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