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Month August 2021

Matt On the Radio with His Favorite Jesuit Solving all the World’s Problems

You can click the link to hear the show with Fr. Robert McTeigue S.J. Always apocalyptic but always somehow fun.

Learning From Afghanistan. Without Christ, Civilization Turns to Darkness

So, we spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of lives throughout two decades in an effort to prop up a western civilization type democracy in Afghanistan. Spoiler alert. It didn’t work. It should make all of us consider that… Continue Reading →

Biden Administration Lists Potential Terror Threats. You Might Be On the List.

This is a joke: This is a joke too but it’s real. Look, we all know what happens when the left “others” you. Ask the millions of unborn human beings. They were labeled “zygotes” or “fetuses” or “potential humans.” But… Continue Reading →

Afghani Crowd Chants “Death to America” but CNN Calls them “Friendly.”

I guess this is the international version of “mostly peaceful.” Game recognize game https://t.co/H5bp5niqND — Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) August 16, 2021 This. Is. CNN. This is not a mistake. This is policy. In 2018, CNN wrote a headline saying, “In… Continue Reading →

“I’m waiting for Taliban to come for people like me and kill me.”

This is heartbreaking. The dark horror that has been unleashed on Afghanistan is unthinkable. Pray for the Afghani people. I News reports: “When Zarifa Ghafari spoke to i from her Kabul apartment just three weeks ago, she was hopeful that she –… Continue Reading →

Shia LeBeouf To Star as Padre Pio. What Could Go Wrong?

Uh-oh. Variety: “Shia LeBeouf could be making a comeback turn. Legendary director Abel Ferrara has exclusively told Variety that LaBeouf has come on board to play the lead role in his next feature, which centers on the younger years of Italian Saint Padre Pio…. Continue Reading →

How Could It Have Been Worse Exactly?

The denial is bordering on insanity. The Vaxx didn’t work. What do we need? MOAR VAXX!!!

Mattel Forced to Apologize for Olympic Asian Barbie Not Being Asian Enough!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Soooo…Mattel forgot it was the 21st century and that you can’t please the woke mob. So they announced new Olympics Barbies of all different ancestries. #Barbie is committed to empowering girls to participate in sports by capturing the fun and… Continue Reading →

I Hope He’s Charged…

A man was reportedly charged after landing helicopter at Dairy Queen to pick up ice cream cake. I hope they charge him…with being awesome. Let’s be honest, if a Dad did this for his kids he wins best Dad ever…. Continue Reading →

Judge Rules White House Can’t Force Catholic Healthcare Workers to Perform Gender Transitions

Stupid God-given rights keeps getting in the way of progress. That’s really pissing off the devoutly Catholic Joe Biden. Crux: A U.S. District Court judge’s Aug. 9 ruling to block the Biden administration’s mandate that doctors and hospitals perform gender-transition… Continue Reading →

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