Soooo…Mattel forgot it was the 21st century and that you can’t please the woke mob. So they announced new Olympics Barbies of all different ancestries.

The Blaze: “Toy company Mattel was bashed online for not including an Asian doll in its Tokyo Olympics Barbie line, and then had to apologize because their Asian Barbie wasn’t Asian enough.

“Where is the Asian Barbie? You needed two white Barbies? Why? Most of the American women winning [medals] are not white . Why is it always the Asian Barbies that you don’t have ?!?” replied another.

“Wow. Wordless. Olympics in an Asian country yet zero attempt to represent any Asians in your collection. Shame on you,” said another critic.

Mattel’s apology appeared to claim that one of the dolls, the skateboarder, was meant to be Asian.

“Our intention to represent the Asian community with the Skateboarder doll fell short and we fully receive and recognize the feedback,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“Moving forward, we will work to find more ways to champion all representation and celebrate the amazing achievements of all Olympic athletes, who are showing us that anything is possible,” the spokesperson added.”

The woke mob is coming!!! The woke mob is coming!!! For You!!!! No matter what you do. Try to appease them and they will find fault with your appeasement. It will never be enough.