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Month March 2012

When the Archbishop Met the President

A great piece in the Wall Street Journal leave you thinking that either President Barack Obama is a big fat liar or Cardinal Dolan is. Hmmm…for me that’s a pretty easy answer. The president of the U.S. Conference of Bishops… Continue Reading →

Scared Popeless

What we do if a new Pope had stage fright? Thoughts?

What A Good Wife Does

Wives. We Christian folk, we like to talk about mommies. We love them. We cherish them. We idealize them. Mommies are awesome. But I wish to take a a moment to discuss wives. Ya know, wives. The better half. The… Continue Reading →

Abortionist Jokes While Calling Ambulance

This late term abortionist has a girl in seizures he laughs when the 911 operator asks if he needs medical advice. So he’s stupid and cocky. Good combination. Here’s the audio: World Net Daily has the full story.

Give me Some More Slogans. I’m On EWTN Radio

I’m going to be talking about my post at The Register about HHS slogans on national radio because that’s how I roll. Heck, it might even be international radio! If you have any you’d like to add that I can… Continue Reading →

Court: No Free Speech for Pro-Lifers

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that pro-lifers who created Wild West-style posters and a Web site targeting abortion doctors are liable because their works were illegal threats and not free speech. Look, I’m not crazy about wanted posters and… Continue Reading →

We’re Doomed. Robot Can Jump 30 Feet

The Sand Flea Robot created for the US military can jump atop a 30-foot building with a single bound. But no worries. It’s on our side. For now. In the words of Kyle Reese, “You still don’t get it, do… Continue Reading →

Fr. Higgins’ Inspiring Speech at the Religious Liberty Rally

This is a heckuva’ speech from Father John Higgins, the Pastor of Saint Raymond’s parish in California. We need more like him… I’m the son of a Korean War vet and an Ohio girl. Raised in the Methodist Church, of… Continue Reading →

Most Embarassing and Hilariously Cringeworthy Vid…Evah!

We are living in a Tom Wolfe novel, we’re just not paying royalties. This video is almost too painful and hilarious. Congresswoman Corinne Brown is ranting about Trayvon’s death and a CNN reporter asks her if she’d be just as… Continue Reading →

The Perfect 21st Century American Wedding Story

This story is just perfect. It just so perfectly represents where we’re at as a culture right now. With the institution of marriage being bent and misshaped into meaninglessness, a woman has unintentionally captured the zeitgeist of our time. If… Continue Reading →

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