We Christian folk, we like to talk about mommies. We love them. We cherish them. We idealize them. Mommies are awesome.

But I wish to take a a moment to discuss wives. Ya know, wives. The better half. The ball and chain. The….well, ya know. All those things.

But the good wife, she is so much more than that. There is not any possible to describe what a good wife means to a husband. Words do not suffice.

Maybe instead of all that, telling is like it is would better. What do the young folks say? Keepin’ it real. Here is me, keepin’ it real.

The good wife….

She forgives. Wives routinely forgive amazing acts of selfishness. (Forgetting is a whole ‘nother thing.) 1992 is as real to them as yesterday.

When you’re mowing the lawn in August and you turn the corner, she is standing there with iced tea and right then you have no doubt that you are the luckiest man in the world.

When you come home from a business trip on Friday night, she is the one who mowed the lawn for you, even though you asked her not to.

They are the weaker sex without whom the …

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