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Month January 2019

Oregon to Become the First State to Require In-Home Surveillance of Newborn Babies?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is pushing to make the state the first to require universal home visits for newborn children. If your internal “uh-oh” alarms are not sounding loudly, please check your batteries. The bill was introduced last month and… Continue Reading →

Virginia Pol Recants Support of Abortion Bill

Headline: “Virginia lawmaker says she wouldn’t have co-sponsored controversial abortion bill if she had read it closely.” Me: You had one job. Think about how lockstep the Democrat party is about abortion that their delegates don’t even bother to read… Continue Reading →

In light of Covington, NY to Consider Abortion up to High School Graduation ;)

In light of the scandal concerning the Covington students, New York state will now consider legislation to allow abortions up to the moment of high school graduation. Hey, just as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Vader Ginsburg said of Roe v…. Continue Reading →

Twitter Refuses to Deplatform Those Who Threatened Covington Kids

Twitter is refusing to deplatform those who threatened the Covington Catholic school children. Why? Because Twitter profits off of rage bait. Twitter has monetized the weaponization of the internet. They don’t care that they’re paving the path to a burgeoning… Continue Reading →

The Modern Tower of Babel

This is mocking God. One World Trade Center was lit up pink to celebrate the just passed law which ensures that abortion will be legal right up until the moment of birth. This is the modern Tower of Babel. How… Continue Reading →

Shepherds or Wolves?

Just please consider that many clergy lashed out publicly against the Covington Catholic children but have been silent about the abortion law in New York. Think about what that says about the state of the Church in America. It’s horrifying,… Continue Reading →

Misleading Photos and the Narrative

During the past few days, pundits wrongly excoriated a young Catholic school student on the basis of a misleading picture. They did this without knowing the facts. They were happy to do so because it fit their narrative. This is,… Continue Reading →

Holiness and the Art of Catholic Dodgeball

Catholicism is always counter cultural. As evidence of this, my children’s Catholic grammar school is running a dodgeball tournament as part of Catholic Schools Week. Let’s face it, you don’t get much more counter cultural than dodgeball. Sure it’s fun… Continue Reading →

Google Employees Melt Down over use of word “Family.” Claim its “Homophobic.”

It’s getting to be that you can’t even say anything anymore. The opening of my mouth is just an excuse for you to be offended. The Daily Caller: A Google executive sparked a fierce backlash from employees by using the… Continue Reading →

Actor Neal McDonough on how his Faith Nearly Destroyed his Career

Pretty great stuff from actor Neal McDonough on how his faith and his fidelity to his wife nearly cost him his career. You might not know the name but you’ll likely recognize him. Yahoo: The father of five was then… Continue Reading →

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