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Month February 2021

Environmentally Friendly Nazis

Amazon just figured out a way to burn books that’s less harmful to the environment. No toxic fumes. No dangerous fire. Just a click and they disappear. It’s just environmentally friendly Nazism. There, don’t you feel better about it now.

WaPo Worries Not Enough Fictional Abortions

This is insanity. A columnist for the WaPo, Kate Cohen, is upset that there aren’t enough fictional babies being aborted. Seriously. On top of the millions of actual babies being killed in the womb, Mz. Cohen wants more pretend abortions… Continue Reading →

Wow. 16% of 18-23 Year Olds Are LGBT

According to a new Gallup poll, a record number of U.S. adults – 5.6% – identify as LGBTQ. That’s more than a 1 percentage point jump from the last poll in 2017 in which 4.5% of adults identified as LGBTQ…. Continue Reading →

Biden HHS Nominee Defends Chemical Castration for Kids

So, President Biden’s nominee for assistant health secretary has put his pom poms on for chemically castrating children. Because SCIENCE!!! Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine was born with the name Richard (which is at least a little ironic, isn’t it?)… Continue Reading →

You Ready to be Censored, Disappeared?

The Democrats are essentially telling Big Media and Big Tech to censor their political opponents. They’re telling them “we’ve got your back.” Two congressional Democrats from California, Anna G. Eshoo and Jerry McNerney, asked a number of heavy hitting television… Continue Reading →

The Upside Down-ness of Things

The weather has been unpredictable recently but there’s one thing we can count on. The culture will continue its march toward insanity. Disney is releasing five seasons of the classic “Muppet Show” but the episodes will contain disclaimers that it… Continue Reading →

Tell Me What You Love, Show Me What You Hate

People may tell you what they love but they will show you what they hate. Believe what they show you. Many will say they love freedom but if they don’t hate oppression and tyranny, they don’t truly love freedom. The… Continue Reading →

A Funny Snow Shoveling Story

Years ago, I had a neighbor who was a nice guy. I’m sure he’s still a nice guy. He’s just not my neighbor anymore. Our houses were right next to each other and we shared a driveway. So anyway, one… Continue Reading →

We Have Turned Our Backs

So imagine being the man who risked his life to take drone footage of the Chinese government tying up, blindfolding people, and forcing them into boxcars. He did it because he thought the world would react. He did it because… Continue Reading →

#restinpiss Trends as Leftists Celebrate Rush’s death.

I’m just taking these from the blue checkmark left. Weird that the people who constantly complained about Trump’s mean tweets would then get on Twitter and do this, huh? If Rush Limbaugh is so pro-life how come he’s dead— James… Continue Reading →

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