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Month June 2015

Everything is Not Fine

I woke up this morning with a clear memory of my departed brother’s face in my mind. He was smiling. I was so thankful for it because even seeing a picture isn’t the same as a clear picture in your… Continue Reading →

NY Times Publishes Papal Portrait Made of Condoms

Hey, remember when the New York Times said they wouldn’t publish a portrait of Muhammad because they were all sensitive to religion and all. Well, not so much to Catholics. In a story about some idiotic museum which accepted a… Continue Reading →

Fr. Morris Spit on While Passing Gay Pride Parade

Read these tweets from Fr. Jonathan Morris and prepare to be disgusted. Most of you know Fr. Morris from Fox News and other television appearances. He’s very non-confrontational and kind as you can tell by the tweet after he gets… Continue Reading →

The Upside Down World

Here in New York 1010 WINS radio news is a thing. I listened to a serious radio news report about the gay pride parade here in NY, you know the one where Father Jonathan Morris got spat on. The story… Continue Reading →

Religious Liberty Concerns Concerning the the Marriage Ruling

I know there’s a lot of folks right now saying there’s no worries at all about religious liberty concerning the Court’s radical marriage ruling. Now, before the ruling, even the New York Times reported that there would be some issues…. Continue Reading →

June 2015 Just Keeps On Giving…

This horrible month will just not end. Among all the hubbub of the news with Encyclicals, Obamatrade, ObamaCare, the persecution kickoff known as the Gay Marriage Decision, terrorist attacks and murder, let’s not forget the mess in Europe. It seems… Continue Reading →

Some Bishop Quotes

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia: ‘The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on marriage is not a surprise. The surprise will come as ordinary people begin to experience, firsthand and painfully, the impact of today’s action on everything they thought they knew about… Continue Reading →

Persecution Day

It is one thing to know the enemy is coming and try to prepare for it. But that doesn’t make the moment when they come over the hill any easier. Today, they came over the hill. In a 5-4 ruling,… Continue Reading →

Happy Ramadan! (Except if you’re dead)

Happy Ramadan from you friends in the Muslim world. Just in the last 12 hours. Man decapitated as severed head is ‘covered in Arabic writing’ and hung on a fence next to Islamist flag at factory in France after terrorists… Continue Reading →

Medjugorje Decision: Not So Fast

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with reports that the CDF had held its feria quarta and decided negatively against Medjugorje. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has reached a negative conclusion regarding the authenticity of the reported… Continue Reading →

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