Hey, remember when the New York Times said they wouldn’t publish a portrait of Muhammad because they were all sensitive to religion and all. Well, not so much to Catholics.

In a story about some idiotic museum which accepted a picture of Pope Benedict XVI made of condoms, the paper of religious sensitivity showed the portrait.

Now, as Ace of Spades pointed out, they can’t say they didn’t know it was offensive to Catholics since the whole story is about how it’s offensive to Catholics. In fact, the headline literally says “Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI Made of Condoms Draws Complaints in Milwaukee.”

The artist hilariously said, “What I want to do is really destigmatize the condom, normalize it.”

Ok. Seriously. Could condoms be any more normalized? That’s like saying we want to normalize the Foreman Grill or cable television. Yeah, we get it. They give these things away in middle school.

These folks talk out of both sides of their mouth constantly. First they want to convince you that 99.99999 percent of people (INCLUDING CATHOLICS!!!!!) use contraception. But then they create something offensive and say they’re trying to raise awareness. Soooo, you’re trying to raise awareness of something 99.99999 percent of people use? What?

We all know what it is. Mocking Catholics is always fair. Catholics are fair game. Why? Because they are the current enemy and need to be destroyed.

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki of Milwaukee, in a blog post, criticized the museum’s decision to accept the piece, and suggested that artwork about other groups — with Gandhi and an Uzi, Lincoln in Ku Klux Klan garb or Hitler with a scullcap reading the Torah — might not be considered acceptable.

To be fair, I saw “Gandhi with an Uzi” in the movie theater. I’d say it was 2 1/2 stars. Keanu was excellent in it. (C’mon, you don’t think that would be awesome?)

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