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Month October 2019

This is Trans Science

So let me get this straight, its a child in the scrotum but not in the womb? #science How science is that?!!! The worst part about this stuff is that we’re losing to these folks. Update: Turns out it’s a… Continue Reading →

Parish’s Pro-Life Display Vandalized in PA

Nothing to see here. Our Lady of Guadalupe in Buckingham has again had its pro-life display vandalized. In Central Bucks County, where yard signs assure that “Hate Has No Home Here,” acts of hatred are perpetrated on the people of… Continue Reading →

Thousands of Witches to Cast “Binding Spell” on Trump

As Halloween Approaches, Thousands Of Witches Will Cast A “Binding Spell” On Donald Trump On October 25th. So pretty much the same thing the FBI has been doing for three years now. And failing. End of the American Dream reports:… Continue Reading →

Wait, These Cereals Weren’t Gay?

I just saw that Kellogg’s created the first gay cereal. Wait, you’re telling me that these cereals were straight? What they should do is just ask people to try to eat cereal with a fork.

AOC’s Response to Cannibalism is Chilling

So, when someone at a town hall event hosted by Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said because we only have a few months before a climate emergency, she urged the eating of babies as a necessary step in the fight against climate… Continue Reading →

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