As Halloween Approaches, Thousands Of Witches Will Cast A “Binding Spell” On Donald Trump On October 25th.

So pretty much the same thing the FBI has been doing for three years now. And failing.

End of the American Dream reports:

On October 25th at 11:59 PM, thousands of witches will simultaneously conduct a ritual which is meant to “bind” Donald Trump. Unlike a “curse” or a “hex”, a “binding spell” is not meant to cause harm. Rather, the witches hope to prevent President Trump from doing harm to the United States by his actions, and so they actually believe that they are doing something very positive for the country. But a closer examination of this “binding ritual” reveals some very disturbing details. For example, those participating in the ritual are instructed to call on “demons of the infernal realms” for help in binding Trump…

The hilarious thing is that Trump is considered by the media to be “controversial” while these lunatics putting “spells” on people are to be considered mainstream.

No word yet if Pachamama will attend the celebration.