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Month April 2024

The Isolation of Constant Communication

Don’t shut people out. Talking to others just makes you feel better. Sometimes God uses the people in your life to change your life so when you shut others out, you don’t hear what God is trying to tell you…. Continue Reading →

Teen Girls Refuse to Throw Shotput Against Male after Court Tosses Law Banning Boys from Competing in Girl’s Category.

What is going on? Are the children going to have to lead this charge while the adults all lay spineless on the sidelines? Good for these girls. Heroes. Every one of them. 🚨🚨FIVE middle school female athletes in West Virginia… Continue Reading →

What’s on The Mind of Matthew Archbold? A Weekly Project in Radio Perfection!!!

In which I solve all the world’s problems with a little (very little) help from my friends at Annunciation Radio.

Don’t Homeschool Your Kids, They’ll be Weird. Meanwhile, Students at Public School Walkout After Being Attacked by Furries. Seriously.

This is peak woke. Right here. These grammar school kids in Utah were forced to stage a walkout because the “furries” are terrorizing them by biting them, scratching them, and kicking them without repercussion. And what is the administration doing… Continue Reading →

Kari Lake Goes Full on Pro-Choice? What?

This is the new MAGA strategy. Trump is heading for the hills on abortion, saying it’s a state issue so he doesn’t have to talk about it. Kari Lake is running for Senate and she doesn’t want to be weighed… Continue Reading →

Greek PM Says Country’s Population Collapse is a “National Threat” and “Ticking Time Bomb.” (Pssst. It’s Not Just Greece.)

So you have two things going on at the same time. One, people in Greece just stopped having children. Just stopped. Why? It clearly has something to do with losing faith. Losing faith in God, their country, love, family. It’s… Continue Reading →

Hmmm…Something Seems A Bit Strange About the Ending of this Race.

OK. The end of this half marathon in Beijing is some straight up B.S. The CCCP either threatened these three runners or bribed them. Look how they step aside and essentially tell him to get in front of them. The… Continue Reading →

Bishop Stabbed During Mass. Guess Why?

You’d never know why six people were stabbed in Sydney or why this bishop was stabbed while presiding over Mass. But it was…wait for it…an attack by a Muslim terrorist. Police and the media just use the term “knifeman” or… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Sarah: The Church is Dying as Many Western Prelates Cower in Fear.

Wow. I’m not one to cover the internal squabbling in the Church. I believe following that too closely can harm faith. I’m not criticizing those who do it. I think someone should but it just makes me sad and feel… Continue Reading →

Ouch. David Hogg’s Collision with Reality Looks Like It Hurt.

Actually, he probably just forgot about it immediately and continued espousing his immature and dangerous views. You must watch this. A young woman from China absolutely derails David Hogg’s gun grab speech with a simple question. It’s quite brilliant. This… Continue Reading →

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