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Month October 2022

Hundreds in Publishing Industry Calling for Banning Amy Coney Barrett Book Because Abortion.

Um. Do they know what industry they’re in? They’re in the book selling business. But let’s be honest, nothing is more important to leftists than the right to kill babies. Even their own economic survival is secondary to abortion. National… Continue Reading →

We are told to be fruitful and multiply. Do we believe there’s an expiration date on God’s words?

“You’re an Ableist” and Other Hypocritical Statements.

Please remember that the left will say anything, do anything to achieve electoral victory. Hypocrisy means nothing. Truth means nothing. Winning is everything to them. Remember when then Senator Harry Reid said he had evidence that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid… Continue Reading →

HS Freshman Suspended for Complaining About Male in Girls Locker Room and Ordered to Take Part in a “Restorative Justice Circle.”

You’re not going to believe this. Not only was she suspended but the school demanded she take part in a “restorative justice circle” whatever that is and write an apology. Restorative Justice Circle? I’m assuming there’s robes, a fire, and… Continue Reading →

Dem’s Campaign Office Robbed, Media Goes Crazy and Police Arrest Man. Hey, how are those investigations into Pro-life Clinics Going?

There have been dozens of pro-life clinics vandalized, robbed, and torched with no arrests. There is actually a group taking responsibility for the vandalizations but still there have been no arrests. But man, Democrat Senatorial candidate from Arizona Katie Hobbs’… Continue Reading →

Some…Offbeat Halloween Costume Ideas.

Halloween approaches and if you’re scrambling for a costume, CMR is here to help. They don’t really require much explanation. Hopefully in a week this costume will be a “former Governor” costume: Here’s a spirit of the age kinda’ thing:… Continue Reading →

Michael Behe on the Irreducibly Complex Miracle of Blood Clotting.

From the Discovery Institute: Every time you cut yourself on a rose thorn while gardening, something amazing happens. One might even say it’s miraculous. You see a drop of blood, but quickly the bleeding stops. If it didn’t, you would… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Zen on Trial. Vatican and the World Virtually Silent.

The 90 year old Cardinal Zen is on trial in China. But don’t worry, the Vatican is “monitoring” the situation. The mainstream media is also completely silent. If you want news on this you have to go to Catholic sources… Continue Reading →

New Pontifical Academy for Life Member is Contraception Advocate and Serves on Board of Pro-Abortion Organization.

This is not a repeat story. This is new news. Yup. This reminds me of this famous tweet: Sadly, the Pontifical Academy for Life seems to no longer be committed to life. But they’ll tell us it’s ok because it’s… Continue Reading →

CNN Runs Hit Piece on Crisis Pregnancy Centers. It takes 19 graphs to get to Pro-Life Quote.

Crisis pregnancy centers are in the crosshairs. Dozens have been torched, vandalized, and robbed. So CNN thought it would be a good time to pile on. Just kidding, it’s always a good time to attack crisis pregnancy centers, amirite? Ready… Continue Reading →

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