Crisis pregnancy centers are in the crosshairs. Dozens have been torched, vandalized, and robbed.

So CNN thought it would be a good time to pile on. Just kidding, it’s always a good time to attack crisis pregnancy centers, amirite?

Ready for the headline. It’s astounding and it really shows you right away what they’re up to. I’ll give them that. They’re pretty transparent.

CNN’s headline states: “The Crisis Pregnancy Center Next Door: How taxpayer money intended for poor families is funding a growing anti-abortion movement.”

Intended for poor families but funding a growing anti-abortion movement? Are those two things mutually exclusive? Couldn’t it be helping poor families and the anti-abortion movement? In fact, isn’t a poor pregnant woman exactly who needs to be helped?

Why is it odious to help poor pregnant women? Because then she might actually have the baby!!

It hilariously takes nineteen paragraphs to finally include a pro-life person’s quote in their very objective news story. Nineteen paragraphs!!!

This part is my favorite. They seem to criticize a crisis pregnancy center for being clean and welcoming as opposed to the area Planned Parenthood.

Big open windows invite patients and passersby into the waiting room at the Pregnancy Decision Health Center (PDHC). With velvety green chairs, leafy plants, and a coffee station that greets visitors as they come in the door, the crisis pregnancy center could pass for an upscale dental office or spa.

Outside, PDHC’s sign towers over the neighboring Planned Parenthood, literally casting a shadow over the clinic’s entrance. Inside, the contrast is even starker: Planned Parenthood’s waiting room looks run-down – old chairs crowd the small space, faded informational posters cover the walls, and daylight is blocked by signage on the windows and mirrored doors meant to protect patients’ privacy.

Hey, it’s hard to make a death factory feel very inviting.

I’m not linking to the CNN piece because we don’t reward such asshattery but rest assured it hits all the lines that abortion reversal is a myth even though there are many babies born after the mother takes the first pill. It also says cpc’s lie. The whole thing is that, for the left abortion is the given. Giving birth is an oddity, a choice they don’t understand because it’s based on love.

They don’t get love because it’s not a material thing. Real love can’t be weaponized.

To hell with their ideology. Pray for and support your crisis pregnancy centers and their big windows and plants and comfy chairs.