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Month August 2018

I guess the media actually loves Catholics!

Gee, for years I thought the media was opposed to Catholicism. But the way the media is defending the pope so vociferously is quite heartening. I guess I had them all wrong. Reuters: “Conservative media move to front line of… Continue Reading →

The Most Insane Church Events…This Week

The Catholic Church is currently attempting to break a record for a certain amount of a certain substance hitting the fan in the space of one week. And just when you think that it’s done, they redouble their efforts. First,… Continue Reading →

What dollar figure would make abortion worth it?

Chelsea Clinton said that abortion is awesome because it’s got great benefits to the economy: Whether you fundamentally care about reproductive rights and access rights, because these are not the same thing, if you care about social justice or economic… Continue Reading →

Thank goodness, somebody rescued all those lost Ohio votes!!!

Headline: Ohio race just got closer after county finds hundreds of uncounted votes. Me: Finally, Americans doing the election meddling that Russians aren’t willing to do. #americafirst *subhead*Ugh*subhead*

Notre Dame Refuses to Revoke Honor of McCarrick -For Now

Last week, The Catholic University of America withdrew the honorary degree it had awarded to Archbishop Theodore McCarrick over a decade earlier. Fordham University had done the same earlier. In light of the very serious allegations that he abused an… Continue Reading →


My 18 year old daughter asked if she could stay out until 1 am tonight. “What! No way! Are you crazy? Why?” was my completely rational reaponse in my completely rational tone. She responded that she was going to adoration… Continue Reading →

Well, We’re Not Talking About the Abuse Crisis Today

Well, you’ve got to give it to Pope Francis. We’re not talking about the sex abuse crisis today. Lifesitenews: BREAKING: Pope Francis changes Catechism to declare death penalty ‘inadmissible’ catechism, catechism of the catholic church, catholic, death penalty, pope francis… Continue Reading →

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