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Month February 2020

They Took My Pew!!!

Ash Wednesday. The day the Churches are filled. I’m always interested why people who don’t attend Mass regularly but go to Ash Wednesday services. Is it the Church is giving something away? Even when the Church is just giving away… Continue Reading →

They Hate Catholics More Than They Want to Help Kids

The Supreme Court announced it will decide whether Philadelphia was within its rights in 2018 to terminate its relationship with Catholic Social Services because the agency is actually Catholic and would not work with same-sex couples in providing foster care…. Continue Reading →

World’s Oldest Nun Reveals Her Secret to Happiness

The world’s oldest Nun celebrated her 116th Birthday and revealed her secret to happiness. Daughter of Charity Sister André Randon said the key to happiness is “Pray and drink a cup of chocolate every day.” I guess she forgot to… Continue Reading →

That Slippery Slope We Talked About. Yeah About That

Say, remember that slippery slope we all talked about when the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage? Well, it turns out it looks something like this: The Utah state senate voted unanimously on Tuesday to effectively decriminalize polygamy among consenting… Continue Reading →

Confused Catholic HS Students Protest Church’s Stance on LGBT Teachers

Students at a Catholic school protested the diocesan decision to fire two openly gay teachers. They said they didn’t understand why the Church would do this. Oh, the poor confused students. Hmmmm, if only there were an institution created to… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Progress and Youth Basketball

When I was active in political campaigns I attended many GOP functions. I was always amazed how little interest many of the donors and committee people were interested in actual issues. They loved talking about numbers and demographics and electability…. Continue Reading →

Stop Packing Your Kids’ Lunch, Selfish Moms and Dads

The NY Times is shaming parents for packing their children’s lunches. Guess why? “… roughly 20 million eligible children, mostly from middle- and upper-middle-class families, continue to opt out of the national program by bringing lunch or by buying special… Continue Reading →

Current Catholic Events with Fr. McTeigue and Matt

If you’re wondering how to solve all the world’s problems this is probably the link you wanna’ click. This was a lot of fun. Fr. Robert McTeigue and I talked all things current and Catholic on The Station of the… Continue Reading →

The Saint Reviled by Shakespeare, Admired by Twain, and Adored by St. Therese of Liseux

The Maid of Orléans will be a focal point of artists for generations to come but most will pale in comparison to William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and the Little Flower I’m pretty sure boasting is not an activity many saints… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life is Cool?

I read a piece in the Washington Examiner saying the pro-life movement is “cool.” And I know it sounds funny but I think it’s actually important. …if the 2020 March for Life is any indicator, it’s an energy that is… Continue Reading →

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