The NY Times is shaming parents for packing their children’s lunches. Guess why?

“… roughly 20 million eligible children, mostly from middle- and upper-middle-class families, continue to opt out of the national program by bringing lunch or by buying special à la carte food items not covered by the program. As an individual family decision, packing lunches might seem like the best option, especially for children with special dietary needs. But when millions of families do so, their actions reduce the political will and financial resources necessary to make public school lunches better for everyone.”

Yup. Your love for your child is an obstacle to their socialist utopia. So stop it!

You silly selfish Moms and Dads, you thought that caring for your child was your primary responsibility? No. Your government needs to grow and how else can it grow if all the childrenz are being cared for and loved? The needs of the global community demands you ignore your child so the gummint can step in.

Civics 101. Unwanted and uncared for children makes BIG GOVERNMENT grow and nothing makes Big Government happier than growing. I mean, you thought the government encouraging single parenthood, contraceptives, and abortion was just coincidence?

You ever get the feeling that love gets in the way of Big Government a lot? This is why step one of the socialist takeover is eradicating Christianity. Make no mistake.

PS – No link for asshattery. It only encourages them.