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Month May 2021

Please Read This Amazing and Heartbreaking Story about the Doctors Who Cracked Covid and Those Who Are Covering It Up

This is a truly amazing and heartbreaking story about a team of doctors who cracked Covid and those who silenced them. This is the most important story on the internet today. This was not something many people thought possible. But… Continue Reading →

“Othering” Christians is the Path to Persecution

Christians should be in the world but not of this world. Throughout history, that has sometimes made Christians easy to locate and persecute. There is a certain “otherness” that we expect. We even aspire to it. When you accept the… Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Theorists Owed a Massive Apology

The past year has gone pretty well for conspiracy theorists. Let’s be honest about it. Nobody had a better 2020 than this guy. Yup. It turns out that the Pentagon has been covering up the existence of UFO’s for decades…. Continue Reading →

The Senate just rejected an amendment to prohibit “certain types of human-animal chimeras”

In the wake of one of the worst unnatural man made calamities to occur in the history of man, we are doubling down on reckless. The fact that the Coronavirus, which has killed millions across the globe, was an insane… Continue Reading →

Because Monday is Way More Scientific than Friday

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is refusing to lift the COVID-19 restrictions until Memorial Day, despite requests of thousands of business owners who want to have the state opened two days earlier so they can finally have a busy weekend after… Continue Reading →

Fr. Altman Speaks with Taylor Marshall. It’s a doozy.

If you’re trying to keep up with all that’s going on, this is a good summation. We are in free fall, folks. The good news is that today is going to better than tomorrow. So please enjoy the day because… Continue Reading →

The Vatican Stole Jesus?

The AP reports: One night in early 2019, Rome street artist Alessia Babrow glued a stylized image of Christ she had made onto a bridge near the Vatican. A year later, she was shocked to learn that the Vatican had… Continue Reading →

An Opportunity for Catholic Schools, which they’ll Completely Misunderstand and Destroy.

There’s a story at Liberty Journal about how parents and students at an elite $47,000-a-year private school in New York are “shocked and mortified” about a “porn literacy” class for juniors at Manhattan’s prestigious Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School that… Continue Reading →

9th Circuit Stands Against Satan, Tossing Everything I Thought I Knew About Jurisprudence.

So the Satanic Temple wants to offer an invocation at a city council meeting. They had little interest in actually offering a prayer. Their real reason was to be so ridiculous and offensive that perhaps the city council would consider… Continue Reading →

Lego Announces Gay Legos

Because sexualizing children is what I want in my children’s toys. Also, I have to wonder if LEGO is going to redesign how all the pieces fit together in honor of LGBTQ people. Do the male ends still go into… Continue Reading →

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