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Month May 2021

Why They Fear Christianity

When you love the things of this world you can be controlled. The things we give ourselves to, bind us. When you love the things of this world you can be threatened with your finances, your career, or your home…. Continue Reading →

Push to Get Justice Breyer to Resign May be Backfiring.

Pro-tip: People who pursued and cherished power their entire lives do not tend to give it up willingly. You see it chatted about endlessly online. The media is running pieces about it. They want Justice Breyer gone, not because he… Continue Reading →

You Know How I Know Pro-Lifers Are Winning Hearts and Minds?

Reading this brings a great smile to my face. Refinery29, which I suspect is… shall we say, abortion sympathetic, wrote this piece bemoaning that the Biden White House doesn’t actually say the word “abortion” enough. You see, it’s not enough… Continue Reading →

Threat of Court Packing Hangs Over High Court

It could easily be considered the most important abortion case to be heard by the Supreme Court in a generation. On Monday, the high court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which is a legal challenge to… Continue Reading →

Despite Gov. Kristi Noem’s Cowardice, the NCAA Blinks

Remember back in 2017, North Carolina passed a completely sane law that said men should use men’s bathrooms. To normal people this should’ve been a non-event. But the left freaked. The media labeled it anti-trans. Politicians ran around in search… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court to hear MS abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade

Big News. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a major abortion case from Mississippi that could act as a test care in establishing limits on Roe v. Wade. Justice John Roberts just crapped himself. The hope that the court… Continue Reading →

German Catholic priest blesses same-sex couples. Where’s the Vatican?

And the consequence for blessing a sin and confusing the faithful will be…? Absolutely nothing. If Catholicism allows anything and everything, the faith will understandably seem malleable too many. The Telegraph: “In a small Catholic parish church in Berlin’s leafy… Continue Reading →

Taking the Mask Off

I love how conservatives are being accused of politicizing the mask. Let’s go over the timeline. Politicians tells the country they must do something that there is absolutely no scientific data to support. Some people question this massive shift in… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi “Karens” the U.S. Bishops

Nancy “Karen” Pelosi asked to speak to the manager of the US bishops. According to Fox News, when asked about the US bishops considering denying Communion to politicians who publicly advocate for the legality of abortion, she responded with “I… Continue Reading →

Will Biden HHS religious colleges out of existence? This case Might Just Do It

Will the Biden administration allow Catholic and Christian schools and colleges to actually be Christian? The follow up question is how many Catholic and Christians schools and universities even want to anymore. But with the left seeing religiosity as some… Continue Reading →

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