When you love the things of this world you can be controlled. The things we give ourselves to, bind us.

When you love the things of this world you can be threatened with your finances, your career, or your home. Even your hope for the well being of your children can be manipulated against you.

Materialism connects you to the world and through that connection you can be manipulated. You can be made to admit untruths or perform actions that you know to be wrong.

When you love God most of all you cannot be controlled. That is why the left despises Christianity.

So they attack it. In many ways. Just this week, a crucifixion display at a church in the Brooklyn diocese was vandalized and is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

We also see several prominent politicians and celebrities seeking to change what it means to be a Christian or Catholic. This is a more heinous attack than the vandalizations. These people seek to twist and disfigure the faith into something that is eventually not about God but about ourselves or society.

We even see priests, bishops, and Cardinals doing the same work from the inside, seeking to hollow out the faith so even the slightest touch makes it crumble where it is of little use to anyone.

Many radicalized leftists spend a great deal of time attacking Christianity because they know it to be only thing that can resist their movement. Sadly, many Christians don’t understand this. So they fail to defend the faith as if everything depended on it. But it does.

Pray and keep your heart focused on God.

James 4:4: “Adulterers! Do you not realise that love for the world is hatred for God? Anyone who chooses the world for a friend is constituted an enemy of God.”