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Month July 2010

Friday Humor from Patrick Kennedy

You gotta’ love this guy. He brings almost as much humor to the legislature as Bawney Fwank. I love when Patrick Kennedy uses the term “values” and “human potential.” But here he loses it in trying to get taxpayers to… Continue Reading →

Dem: My Opponents Taking Jooooo Money!!!!!

If poll numbers are to be believed some Jewish people are waking up and wondering why they’ve been supporting the radical left which hasn’t exactly been pro Israel or pro-Jew for a while. If an exodus from the Democrat Party… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let UR Babies Grow Up To Be Jesuits

I often think of James Bond when I think of the Jesuits. No, not becuase they travel the world putting themselves in grave danger for the sake of others. Those are old school Jesuits. No, I think of James Bond… Continue Reading →

Clayton’s Story

I hadn’t seen or heard this before. It’s pretty amazing. This is the kind of thing the internet is great for. It’s for us to be amazed and humbled by each other. HT Femininity Revisited

Anne Rice Breaks Up with Christ

Duuude. Famous novelist and former atheist Anne Rice just broke up with Christ…ON FACEBOOK! Totally ruuuuude. Uncool. Breaking up via Facebook is just a little bit better than getting broken up with via Tweet. Not much better but I guess… Continue Reading →

Educational & Professional McCarthyism

You know that expression “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” In the culture wars, it is the truism of truisms. From the beginning of the culture wars (I don’t wish to debate when they started, perhaps… Continue Reading →

Hey, My Brother In Law is in a Commercial

My sister’s husband is in a commercial which is pretty cool. Just thought I’d share. He’s the guy wandering around with the number on his face until the end where you see him for realz. Please don’t tell him he… Continue Reading →

Court Could Destroy California Catholic Schools

A number of Catholic groups including the Catholic League, Ignatius Press, and the Pacific Justice Institute are asking the Supreme Court to review an outlandish and anti-Catholic decision by the always controversial Ninth Circuit. According to a PJI release: This… Continue Reading →

New Movie About Opus Dei Founder

This has definitely piqued my interest. A movie about the founder of Opus Dei directed by Roland Joffe who made “The Mission.” I don’t know much about it though. Have you guys heard anything good or bad?

Is Staying Home With Kids a Societal Good?

This is exactly the kind of story that really makes me worry about America. It’s not a story of shadowy terrorists with suitcase bombs, nefarious spies, or foreign madmen plotting our destruction. I honestly believe this is worse. The Daily… Continue Reading →

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