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Month July 2023

Media Cringes at Trans-Racialism but not Transgenderism

You can see their sneer at the very thought. My question is how can you push transgender ideology but not trans-racial? So you can magically change your gender just by thinking about it but not your race? Why? Seriously. Why?… Continue Reading →

Yeah, That’s the Right Headline

As a former secular journalist I mourn what has happened to the news industry. They don’t cover what they should. They lie. But sometimes I also laugh. This is evidence that the media is bought and paid for. This is… Continue Reading →

There’s Good News Out There

It’s easy to find bad news. It’s out there. Bad news travels fast. And for those who spend time on social media, you can find enough apocalyptic news on the daily to fill even the most pessimistic person’s desire. I… Continue Reading →

New Evidence: Does This Prove the Shroud of Turin is Real?

I’ve read countless books on the Shroud of Turin and have come to believe that it is the burial cloth of Jesus. Glenn Beck is learning about what actually went on with the infamous carbon dating study. Is the debate… Continue Reading →

Chinese Communist Party Rewriting the Bible. What Could Go Wrong?

Let’s hope the UN and/or Pope Francis doesn’t endorse it, huh? As you might recall, Pope Francis recognized the state run church in China, rather than the faithful underground Catholic Church. Now, the CCP is rewriting the Bible. I, personally,… Continue Reading →

The Real Questions About Aliens

I love Americans. For years, the government has been saying there’s no such things as UFO’s or aliens and people were all dubious and ready to storm Area 51. Now the government is like “oh yeah, we got all sorts… Continue Reading →

The Quest Stands Upon the Edge of a Knife.

This country is at a crossroads. We all know it. We stand upon a knife’s edge. Things could go either way. The left has become completely out of control and seek to control everyone else. They are advocating the mutilating… Continue Reading →

Study: Heart Injuries from Covid Vaxx May be 3,000 X Higher than Thought

This was a virtually untested injection brought to you by the people who brought you the opioid crisis and furthermore, they were given zero liability as a gift. What could go wrong? Hot Air: We keep being told that injury… Continue Reading →

Have These People Seen a Movie?

Great news. Australian DishBrain team wins $600,000 grant to merge AI with human brain cells. This is why I don’t believe in time travel because this headline would’ve never happened if we could go back and prevent this. Crack some… Continue Reading →

Arested Maskless Churchgoer Sues, Makes Bank

This is how we win. Sue them every chance we get. Punch back twice as hard. For so many years, Christians just accepted their fate as the throat that the deep state digs its boot into. NY Post: Idaho resident… Continue Reading →

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