It’s easy to find bad news. It’s out there. Bad news travels fast. And for those who spend time on social media, you can find enough apocalyptic news on the daily to fill even the most pessimistic person’s desire.

I attend Daily Mass as often as I can. There’s usually about twenty parishioners there at 8 a.m. It struck me that in most parishes around the country and the world there are a number of people attending daily Mass. That’s good news.

In Ireland yesterday thousands of Catholics climbed Croagh Patrick, many of whom did so barefoot. They then attended Mass at the summit.

That’s good news.

Michael Matt of the Remnant talks about uniting the clans, uniting the faithful. That’s supposed to be the responsibility of the Church but many in leadership seem intent on dividing us right now. But the good news is that so many of the faithful are still out there, still praying and living with faith and love.

That’s the good news. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure this country’s doomed and we’re entering into a dark age of hate and leftist fascism where faithful Christians will be persecuted. The good news is that there will still be faithful Christians to persecute. Their stories will be told and remembered and will change hearts. Their sufferings will be seen by Heaven and maybe one day God will change the hearts of many.

In the meantime let’s be grateful to those who soldier on. Let’s say a prayer of thanks for all the faithful priests who carry on, to those who attend daily Mass, to Catholic school teachers who take their responsibility of sharing the faith seriously, to those who pray on the sidewalks of abortion clinics, to the parents who raise their children in faith, to spouse who take their vows seriously, and to the nuns and sisters who work and pray for the world.