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Month November 2016

The Worst Nativity Sets. Ever.

It can be argued that we’ve messed up Christmas pretty bad. As evidence I present this list of the Worst nativity scenes. Ever. First, I give you the hipster nativity. You’ve got the wisemen on Segways (wearing sunglasses to boot),… Continue Reading →

Euthanasia Law Used to Kill Alcoholic

The good news is that passing assisted suicide laws leads to a decrease in the number of drunks and sad people. I mean, who wants drunks and sad people around, right? Because you never hear of sad people getting happy… Continue Reading →

Writer Won’t Put Schilling In HOF

Can we just stop pretending here for a second. Dan Shaughnessy said he’s not voting for Curt Schilling for the baseball Hall of Fame because he tweeted out a joke about hanging journalists. AP: Former Cy Young award winner Curt… Continue Reading →

Dean of Rota Warns Pope Could Strip Card. Burke & others of Cardinalate

I don’t think there’s much chance of this happening. But if it did the Catholic Church blogosphere and Facebook would be very interesting places to be, never mind The Vatican. You thought Trump/Clinton was acrimonious. If this happens, it would… Continue Reading →

Homework or Cleaning?

Yesterday, I told my kids that we were all cleaning after they finished their assignments. Curiously, they all seemed to take a verrrrry long time with their work. Hmmmmmm. Update: My 16 year old worked on her homework until 10:30… Continue Reading →

First They Changed the Knife Into a Gun and Now They Can’t Figure Out the Motive

The Daily Caller points out that “It didn’t take long for the Monday knife attack at Ohio State University to turn into a gun control rallying cry.” Yeah, that happens. But the craziness around such an event leads to mis-reporting…. Continue Reading →

Run, Hide, Fight. And Pray.

There’s an active shooter situation on the campus of The Ohio State University. Fox News: At least one active shooter was reported on the campus of the Ohio State University Monday and as many as eight people sent to the… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Clinic Arson Deemed Local Crime Story, I Guess.

Someone set fire to a pro-life pregnancy center which stands right across from a Planned Parenthood and fire officials are calling it an act of intentional arson. The Catholic chapel and the meeting room were badly damaged. Because the arsonist… Continue Reading →

My Annual Plea for the Tofurkey!

I’ve pleaded for the rare and precious tofurkey in year’s past. But perhaps this time my pleas will be heard. Vegetarians around the planet were horrified to learn recently that the popular Thanksgiving dish for vegetarians called Tofurkey doesn’t actually… Continue Reading →

Does the Fatima prophecy suggest that Pope Francis will be deposed?

Does the Fatima prophecy suggest that Pope Francis will be deposed? You might be surprised! Read my latest at the Remnant. *subhead*You might be surprised.*subhead*

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