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Month November 2016

Rapper Nick Cannon Calls Abortion “Genocide.”

How many times do you click on a link because it says a “celebrity” said something pro-life. And you click and then it’s either not an actual celebrity. It’s like someone who was on a few episodes of Full House…. Continue Reading →

God created them man and woman. Villanova thought otherwise. And other Catholic College Stories

Villanova University has decided to “make the University more inclusive to non-gender binary and transgender students,” according to the Villanovan. The Title IX Coordinator reportedly said, “Because we are committed to providing bathroom facilities that are inclusive and honor the… Continue Reading →

NARAL Head to Chair DNC? Hey, It Would Be Truth in Advertising

The Democrat Party is considering appointing NARAL head Ilyse Hogue as the new leader of the Democratic National Committee? As awful as that sounds, it would at least be honest. It’s been known that the Democrat Party is the legislative… Continue Reading →

Hampshire College Bans American Flag on Campus

I love the logic here. Hampshire College has banned the American flag from campus. Why? Well, there’s the reason they’re saying and the real reason. Let’s have some fun with the reason they’re saying, shall we? WWLP: Hampshire College has… Continue Reading →

France Bans Video of Children with Down Syndrome Smiling

Europe erasing the unfit. No worries. Nothing to see here. Deacon Greg Kandra had this story up and I just wanted to make sure you guys all saw it. The French State Counsel has essentially banned a video from being… Continue Reading →

When The Narrative Doesn’t Fit the Tragic Reality

Yet another example of what is actually happening is the opposite of “the narrative.” Reporters only report news that fits the prescribed narrative. So when a San Antonio police officer is fatally shot during a traffic stop in what looks… Continue Reading →

My Weekly Roundup of Catholic College News

University of Mary joins challenge to harmful ‘transgender’ health regulation The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed a lawsuit in North Dakota federal district court last week on behalf of the Newman Guide-recommended University of Mary, the state of North Dakota,… Continue Reading →

How Me Became We

As long as I can remember there was “ME.” I liked me. In fact, if you’d have asked me what was wrong with the world I would’ve probably said there’s way too many of THEM and not enough ME. I… Continue Reading →

Judges Declare Frozen Embryos Property, Not Children

A Missouri state appellate court has decided (2-1) that frozen embryos from IVF are property, not children. IVF is a moral calamity, what with dozens of embryos being conceived and stored in freezers in perpetuity. Notice now how they’re referring… Continue Reading →

WaPo Blames Trump Voter Who is Beaten

This Washington Post headline seems to be victim blaming. Headline: “Student wearing Trump hat, arguing with protesters, is punched, kicked to ground.” Does the fact that he was arguing really belong in the headline? He was exercising his right to… Continue Reading →

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