How many times do you click on a link because it says a “celebrity” said something pro-life. And you click and then it’s either not an actual celebrity. It’s like someone who was on a few episodes of Full House. Or they’re not really saying something “pro-life.” They actually just called the baby in their belly a “baby” and we count is as a victory.

I’m not mocking. I’ll take victories where I can get them. But this is a bit different.

I think Nick Cannon counts as an actual celebrity, doesn’t he? Hey, we don’t get many on our side so we’ll take anyone. We were supposed to be happy about Antonio Sabato Jr. at the RNC convention. I’ll admit, I had to look him up online. I mean, he kinda’ looked familiar but “celebrity?” Nah.

But Nick Cannon is an actual celebrity, I think. So it’s good to hear him publicly blasting abortion as “genocide.” Because it is.

The Federalist:

In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” a radio show in New York City, rapper Nick Cannon said Planned Parenthood is committing a genocide against black Americans.

“Hillary was sneaking and cheating,” Cannon said. “Think about all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood and all that type of stuff. That type of stuff is to take our community — and forget gentrification, it’s real genocide, and it’s been like that for years. This system is not built for us.”…

Currently, Planned Parenthood kills more than 850 African-Americans a day in its abortion clinics. African-Americans account for 37 percent of all abortions, yet only represent 13 percent of the population.

I know we always make fun of all the celebrity endorsements of Democrats and we point out how clearly nobody cares what celebrities think of policy issues. But part of the reason for that is it’s sooooo not surprising. It’s like a Hillary bumper sticker on a Prius. Yeah, we get it. But when a celebrity comes out and talks about abortion being genocide, especially when that celebrity if African-American, it’s a big deal.

I do seem to remember Cannon thanking his mother for having him in a song in the past as she might have considered abortion. So, thanks to Cannon.