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Month December 2023

Confusion is the Intent.

Pope Francis’ new document seems to allow for the blessings of same sex unions that doesn’t bless same sex unions. You got it? Here you have Bishop Barron responding to the document, saying all is well. So, everything is fine?… Continue Reading →

St. Januarius’ Blood Miraculously Liquifies Again in Naples

It is reported that this miracle has taken place since at least 1389. Amazing. When this happens, all the other craziness and cowardice going on in the Church recedes into background noise at least for a minute. I keep reading… Continue Reading →

New York Looking to Require Chick-Fil-A to Stay Open on Sundays

I hope Chick-Fil-A tells them to pound sand. KFox TV: A new bill introduced would require any food service location at New York State Thruway rest stops to stay open seven days a week, something that directly challenges Chick-fil-A’s policy… Continue Reading →

Lifehack. How to Make Leftists Not Pull Down Statues.

This will at least make them pause. This’ll confuse them for a bit… https://t.co/3GnD4VzMrD — m o d e r n i t y (@ModernityNews) December 19, 2023

LGBTQ Trans Activist Arrested for Raping Minors. Campaigned for PA Gov. Josh Shapiro.

What a shock. A mentally unstable man did unspeakable things to innocent victims. Wonder if PA Governor Josh Shapiro will denounce. The Governor of Pennsylvania @JoshShapiroPA had a p*doph*le campaign for and endorse him! Kendall Stephens is a radical trans… Continue Reading →

Leftist Politicians Now Being Sworn in with Hand on Gay Porn for Children Instead of Bibles

At least they’re not lying about what their God is. JUST IN: Fairfax County school board member Karl Frisch is sworn in on a stack of books titled: Gender Queer, All Boys Arent Blue, Flamer, and others depicting the gay,… Continue Reading →

Man Lost Custody of Three Year Old Son After Mom Decided Their Son Is a Girl.

This is Adam Vena. His story is horrifying. In coming years, his story will not be anomalous. This is Adam Vena. He has lost custody of his son in California, because the mother decided the boy was really a girl…. Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Will Review FDA Abortion Pill Case.

This is another big one. Yuuuuuuuuge, as the former president would say. Right now, Republicans are running for the hills on the abortion issue but this is different in that it will be decided by the Supreme Court. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Stop Flattening the Faith

For a century of more we have attempted to flatten out our faith to fit it into Enlightenment materialist thinking in order to attract believers. We’ve downplayed miracles. We’ve disavowed our creation story. Angels? Never heard of ’em. Demons? Don’t… Continue Reading →

It’s Their Double Standard. Let’s Make Them Defend It.

I must admit I grow a bit tired of conservatives holding other conservative’s feet to the fire while being completely unwilling to do the same to leftists. I’ve been reading that I’m on the wrong side of this Ivy League… Continue Reading →

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