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Month April 2008

Disney Girls Gone Wild

What’s in the water over at Disney? I’m truly confused about it. Britney Spears was a Mickey Mouse Club girl and a self professed virgin before…well you know what happened to her. Christina Aguilera essentially went from little girl to… Continue Reading →

Obama Shows Saintly Patience

Showing nearly eternal patience, Democrat Barack Obama after twenty years of biting his tongue finally said he was outraged and saddened by the comments of his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama regretfully said, “I am outraged by the comments… Continue Reading →

Nuns Invite Clinton to Campaign

With little more than a month to go before Puerto Rico’s June 1 primary, the former first daughter Chelsea Clinton toured the U.S. territory’s capital of San Juan and shook hands with well-wishers, posed for snapshots and tried to charm… Continue Reading →

The Religion of (Hair) Piece

In case you needed a reminder of how life would be in a world run by the religion of peace, look no further than home of our ally, Saudi Arabia. In a province of northern Saudi Arabia, the local governor… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – April 29, 2008

Why Catholic Schools Are in Trouble—In education as in politics, everything comes down to votes and money. Why Women Can’t Be Pope—Certain types of gossip can get you excommunicated. Cardinal Criticizes Rudy Taking Communion—”I deeply regret that Mr. Giuliani received… Continue Reading →

Why Catholic Schools Are in Trouble

Catholic schools are in trouble in America and in these darkening economic times, we should expect it only to get worse as families find it increasingly difficult to afford private school tuition. In the last two decades, at least 1,300… Continue Reading →

Why Women Can’t Be Pope

The Pontifical Secret. There is some intrigue afoot after Tim Walker at the UK Telegraph reported that someone inside the Archbishop of Westminster’s house has leaked the contents of the terna which contains the short list of names to be… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Criticizes Rudy Taking Communion

New York Cardinal Edward Egan says Rudy Giuliani should not have received Holy Communion during the pope’s visit. Egan said he had “an understanding” with the former presidential candidate and New York mayor that he is not to receive the… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – April 28, 2008

Obama’s Got a Running Mate—Barack Obama has a running mate -whether he wants one or not. The Race—How Padre Pio is hurting my self esteem and why that may be a good thing. My Daughter’s Communion Was For The Birds—A… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Got a Running Mate

Barack Obama has a running mate -whether he wants one or not. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was thrown into the bright white hot lights of the national spotlight last month and discovered something. He liked it. And that is very… Continue Reading →

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