Why Catholic Schools Are in Trouble
—In education as in politics, everything comes down to votes and money.

Why Women Can’t Be Pope
—Certain types of gossip can get you excommunicated.

Cardinal Criticizes Rudy Taking Communion
—”I deeply regret that Mr. Giuliani received the Eucharist during the Papal visit here in New York”

Obama’s Got a Running Mate
—Barack Obama has a running mate -whether he wants one or not.

The Race
—How Padre Pio is hurting my self esteem and why that may be a good thing.

My Daughter’s Communion Was For The Birds
—A fully reverential and moving affair. But the priest did ruffle some feathers.

More Scripture from Pelosi’s Personal Bible
—“And God said unto Moses, ‘Let not my people’s carbonite footprint exceed that of thine cattle. For to do so would cause me to warmeth the Earth.”

Cardinal: No Communion in the Hand!
—Archbishop in Peru bans communion in the hand.

Anti-Social Man Hopes Company Arrives Soon
—In an act of anti-social desperation, Matthew interviews himself.

Oh No! Yoko
—Yoko Ono sues the producers of Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled.