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Month August 2016

Gatestone Institute: Yup. Europe is Pretty Much Doomed. And you can leave out the “pretty much”

Maybe Britain didn’t need to Brexit since the whole thing is rollicking toward collapse anyway. Here’s the European problem, as succinctly summed up by Gatestone Institute: In one generation, Europe will be unrecognizable. Eastern Europe now has “the largest population… Continue Reading →

Faith Under Fire Rated 4.8 Stars Out of 5

4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon for my book “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage.” Not bad. https://www.amazon.com/Faith-Under-Fire-Dramatic-Christian-ebook/product-reviews/B01GF44ORE/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=recent#R12YOPMBK7RKDW I’ve been talking a lot about the book on the radio recently and inevitably the conversation comes to bringing… Continue Reading →

Young Actress Pressured Into Abortion. Now Cheer for Women’s Rights!!!

An actress that was on the show Glee had an abortion and she wants you to view this as a pro-women’s rights story or something. Mike Church wrote on Facebook: One of the “stars” of the TV show “Glee” is… Continue Reading →

Scariest Headline Ever: “Clown Trying to Lure Kids Into Woods.”

Scariest real life Headline ever: “Clown Trying To Lure Kids Into Woods” But here’s the interesting part. The apartment complex issued a letter which I put below which warns against “a clown or a person dressed in clown clothing” luring… Continue Reading →

Sorry Patrick Henry, Liberty and Death Are Now Intertwined

This is how twisted we’ve become. Over two centuries ago Patrick Henry, in his famous plea for freedom, said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” But 21st century America has one-upped him. They just combined liberty and death. It’s… Continue Reading →

Middle School Basketball Players Defend Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

Feel good story of the day. Takeaway quote from one of the players: “It’s not fair when other people get treated wrong, because we’re all the same. We’re all created the same; God made us the same way.” HT America… Continue Reading →

Earliest Depiction of Crucifixion May Be Anti-Christian Graffiti

We are mocked in popular culture. We are attacked by the government. But this, as we know, is nothing new for Christians. In fact, it’s rather fitting that the earliest surviving depiction of Christ crucified might just be anti-Christian graffiti…. Continue Reading →

Two Catholic Nuns Killed. Motive Unclear

Prayers needed. Just terrible. RNS: Two Catholic nuns were found stabbed to death at their home in central Mississippi. Police are investigating the case as a robbery that escalated into murder. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN) confirmed the… Continue Reading →

Docs Sue Obama Administration for Forcing Them To Perform Transgender Surgeries

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas by a group of religious hospitals and a number of states is asking the court to prevent the Obama administration from forcing them to perform gender transition surgeries on adults and children,… Continue Reading →

Starnes: La. Cop Told To Stop Praying By Red Cross

This figures. The very mention of Christ is offensive. I’d have to bet that if they were bowing to Mecca nobody would say a word. Todd Starnes reports: A law enforcement officer said he was asked to leave a Red… Continue Reading →

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