An actress that was on the show Glee had an abortion and she wants you to view this as a pro-women’s rights story or something.

Mike Church wrote on Facebook:

One of the “stars” of the TV show “Glee” is now boasting and bragging that she had an abortion during the show’s run on Fox so she could “put career first”. Then, in the latest example of diabolical, moral relativism, informs us via her memoir that she can’t wait to share the story of her abortion with her 11 month old son: “She also looks forward to when her 11-month-old son with Dorsey, Josey, will be able to read about what she went through because she hopes “it gives him a better perspective on the issues women face.”

In a previous age we could hope the boy would grow up to ask of her mother “why?” she took the life of the big brother or sister he never had.

And this is what we call feminism? Wouldn’t it be more pro-woman to have Hollywood be more willing to accept her pregnancy and write it into the show? Wouldn’t it be more pro-woman if the television networks didn’t punish women for getting pregnant? Here’s the thing. This woman clearly thought her career would suffer if she became pregnant. And this is the industry which lectures us on stuff like women’s rights?

Hypocrites. They’re not pro-woman. They’re pro-death.