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Month November 2015

Flash Opera in School Cafeteria. It’s Awesome

This is impossible to watch and not smile. *subhead*Love it.*subhead*

Europe’s Choice: Convert or Die!

They have published my latest for the Remnant online. I discuss the state of denial that western civilization is in vis-a-vis Islam by way of the cinema classic “Shaun of the Dead.” Not to be missed. Please read and share!!… Continue Reading →

Trump Mocks Reporter for Disability

Mocking the weak is not a desirable trait in someone seeking the most powerful office in the world. Donald Trump would be in hot water if he were any other candidate but he’s apparently immune to such things mainly because… Continue Reading →

Newborn Left in Nativity in NYC Church

The baby is believed to be just a few hours old. GMA reports: One Catholic church in Queens built its nativity scene just in time for the holidays –- and just in time for a small miracle. On Monday, a… Continue Reading →

God Created Them Man and Woman, Fordham Thought Otherwise

The Jesuit run Fordham University is becoming gender inclusive. I think it was Chesterton who said “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” Fordham is a dead thing. Fordham University… Continue Reading →

WaPo Compares Eagles of Death Metal to ISIS

The Eagles of Death Metal was the band playing at the Bataclan in Paris. They lost many friends and loved ones in that massacre. But, in a horrifically biased and callous way, the Washington Post just compared the leader of… Continue Reading →

The Transgender Community is Lying

The trailer for the film Zoolander 2 is online. In it, there’s a model named All of indeterminate gender played by Benedict Cumberbatch. In the trailer All is asked by Stiller and Owen Wilson if he or she is a… Continue Reading →

Our Father Who Art in Heaven Should Just Stay There

This ad from the Church of England got turned down by a chain of theaters in the UK. God no longer allowed in England, I guess. Sadly, the ad is actually pretty nice. CNS News: The Digital Cinema Media (DCM)… Continue Reading →

Eagles of Death Metal Explain Why So Many Were Killed in Paris. And It’s Heartbreaking

Two members of the Eagles of Death Metal (that actually could be the whole band, I don’t know, but I think you need more than two to create that real death metal sound but I literally know nothing about death… Continue Reading →

Fr. Miscamble Can’t Tell Students How to Get a Catholic Education at Notre Dame

Earlier this month, the great Sycamore Trust created a website called NDCatholic.com which would assist Notre Dame students in finding those professors and courses on campus that could be counted on to deliver an “authentic Catholic education.” Great idea, right?… Continue Reading →

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