The Eagles of Death Metal was the band playing at the Bataclan in Paris. They lost many friends and loved ones in that massacre. But, in a horrifically biased and callous way, the Washington Post just compared the leader of the band to ISIS. Why? Because he said something remotely conservative.

Jesse Hughes is one of the founders of the band and he seems like a pretty offbeat guy. He’s got a pretty awful drug habit that he brags about and he’s posed nude with his porn star girlfriend but he’s a pastor of some sort and worked for the Republican party as a youth. So…he’s got a lot going on.

But check out this snippet from the story from WaPo:

At times, Hughes himself seems deeply conflicted about America, about rock-and-roll and even about himself.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to take full f—– credit right now for f—– the destruction of everything good, okay? Because it’s true,” he told Hyden. “Everything that the Bible thumpers said about Elvis is f—– true. It destroyed everything: Intimacy, the ability for people to be married — society at large is gone. [Pop culture] brought us the Internet, mass pornography, the death porn of Quentin Tarantino. It’s all f—– darkness and evil and has one goal, dude. And it’s not anything good for us. That’s the f—– reality of it, dude.”

Bizarrely, his language sounds similar to that of the gunmen who attacked Hughes and his fans in Paris earlier this month.

What? Seriously. What?

Does this jerk reporter realize what ISIS has done/is doing? And he just compared a guy who narrowly escapes the murderous rage of ISIS to the terrorist group? Because he said pop culture isn’t good for us?

Who the heck thinks it is? I guarantee most of the journalists roll their eyes ironically at everything pop culture all the while consuming it. But it’s ok because they’re partaking in it ironically, you know. But someone who goes beyond eye rolls and questions what it’s doing for society, well, they’re like ISIS.

You know what it is, it’s this stupid mentality that all religions are the same. If you believe something, actually believe it, and you have a belief about what’s right then you must also have a belief about what’s wrong. And that’s what they won’t tolerate. Nothing can be wrong. Nothing. And if you say others are wrong then you’re like ISIS or something.