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Month August 2020

My Advice: Invest Heavily in Guillotines

Comparisons between the ongoing riots and the bloody French Revolution have become increasingly common in recent weeks as the “mostly peaceful protests” have revealed an anti-Christian animus. So the arrival of the guillotines should hardly be a surprise. Right now… Continue Reading →

The NBA Could Learn from the Catholic Church

Lebron James wants to cancel the season to protest racial injustice. Catholic Church to NBA: Um, you may wanna be careful about cancelling.  It turns out that most people don’t come back.

NBC News Mistakes Usain Bolt for Kevin Hart


Yeah, These Republicans Hate Trump. They Also Hate You

My buddy Jason Jones pointed out that pretty much all the Republicans supporting Joe Biden are pro-choice. I told him about a conversation I had with a now former pro-choice Republican congressman back when I got involved in politics. I… Continue Reading →

I Hope Nick Sandmann Smirks

Remember Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School kid, who attended the March for Life in a MAGA hat and was attacked viciously by the media? Well, he’ll be speaking at the Republican National Convention next week.  “I can’t tell you how… Continue Reading →

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Release Book about His Coronavirus Leadership

  Andrew Cuomo Rushes to Release Book About His Coronavirus ‘Leadership. I’ve got some thought for titles. “Throw Momma into the Nursing Home.” “Anatomy of a Murder.” “Dial “Cuomo” for Murder.” “Murder on the Covid Express.” “Escape from New York.”… Continue Reading →

Medical Ethicist Endorses “Morality Pills” to Make People Compliant. Seriously.

This is insane so it’s essentially a typical random Tuesday for Western civilization in 2020. Parker Crutchfield, Associated Professor of Medical Ethics at Western Michigan University, says people who are not compliant with Big Brother’s wishes should be made chemically… Continue Reading →

We are the Tower of Babel

The Bible tells us that Noah’s descendants. built a tower in Babel as a testament to their pride.  This is an almost perfect mirror seems to be happening right now. The US built itself with God’s help into the greatest… Continue Reading →

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