This is insane so it’s essentially a typical random Tuesday for Western civilization in 2020.

Parker Crutchfield, Associated Professor of Medical Ethics at Western Michigan University, says people who are not compliant with Big Brother’s wishes should be made chemically compliant so that they’re “good.”

 The Conversation:

 When someone chooses not to follow public health guidelines around the coronavirus, they’re defecting from the public good. It’s the moral equivalent of the tragedy of the commons: If everyone shares the same pasture for their individual flocks, some people are going to graze their animals longer, or let them eat more than their fair share, ruining the commons in the process. Selfish and self-defeating behavior undermines the pursuit of something from which everyone can benefit.

Democratically enacted enforceable rules – mandating things like mask wearing and social distancing – might work, if defectors could be coerced into adhering to them. But not all states have opted to pass them or to enforce the rules that are in place.

My research in bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?

It’s a far-out proposal that’s bound to be controversial, but one I believe is worth at least considering, given the importance of social cooperation in the struggle to get COVID-19 under control.

Be assured that most of these people don’t actually believe in objective good or evil. So when they say “good” they mean force you do be compliant with their will. We are coming to a dangerous age when such things are possible. 

God gave us free will. Our elites would like to take that away. Y’know. For your own good.