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Month August 2023

Can We All At Least Agree This is Insane?

This guy: This guy strangled strangled an 11 month old to death and now has the ACLU suing the state of Indiana on his behalf, demanding that taxpayer money be used for some kind of gender mutilation surgery. And guess… Continue Reading →

Catholic Schools Must Provide a Sane Alternative to the Insane State Run School System

Case in point: Loudoun County public schools are pushing transgender ideology at their students despite laws against it. They’re ignoring parental rights as well. This is the school district that covered up a rape because it was a boy pretending… Continue Reading →

Are Dems Calling it Quits on Biden?

The scandals are piling up and although the media is dutifully ignoring it, the Democrats understand that whoever the GOP candidate is will drag this info into the spotlight of the election. So, I think what may be happening here… Continue Reading →

Burn Down a City? Fine. Block an Abortion Clinic? Go Directly to Jail.

Those who brought you the “mostly peaceful” riots throughout the country have pretty much gotten off scot-free but if you block an abortion clinic for one morning you will face up to a decade in prison. Also, if you burn… Continue Reading →

Art Gallery Holds Family Friendly “Demon Summoning” Session.

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. And hey, if Alec Baldwin says it’s a bad idea he would know.

Klavan: The Debate Between Fear and Faith

No matter who wins the presidency or Congress, this country can ONLY be saved a return to faith. think time is running out quickly. Now is the time.

This May be Too Catholic for You

This is the homily of Fr. Michael O’Connor from Mass on August 27, 2023 at Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church in Bay St. Louis, MS. Who do you say that I am?

Pope Francis Calls Conservative Catholics “Backward.” Nice guy, huh?

The pope who calls it an “honor” to be criticized by Americans, is name calling conservative Catholics. This is not new. He’s called them “rigid” and “pharisees” among many other nasty things. I grow tired of this kind of thing…. Continue Reading →

Half the “Trans Women” in Prison are Convicted of Sex Crimes.

Think about this. The state is essentially calling it open season on women in prison by allowing men who’ve been convicted of sex crimes to be in a women’s prison. It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel for them. This… Continue Reading →

Read Bishop Strickland’s Excellent Letter Warning of Dangers to the Faith

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas has issued a warning to Catholics about the upcoming synod and the dangers that lie ahead if we allow the one true faith to be watered down. It’s kind of a must read.

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