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Month August 2023

Psaki: No One Supports Abortion Up Until Birth.”

No one supports abortion up until birth. — Jen Psaki (@jrpsaki) August 24, 2023 Wait. What? I’m a little confused here. How is that not EXACTLY what the Democrat Party supports? If you don’t support any restrictions or limitations on… Continue Reading →

All Kidding Aside

I don’t talk much about Joe Biden because I don’t really believe he is the President of the country in any meaningful sense. I don’t believe he was a good person even when he had his faculties and now that… Continue Reading →

You mean that the same people who kill babies for a living would defraud the state for millions?

What? I can hardly believe it!!! People who kill babies would steal? Catholic Review: A Texas lawsuit is seeking for Planned Parenthood to pay back millions of funds it received through Medicaid, which the abortion provider says could shutter its… Continue Reading →

I Think I’m Suffering from Synod-itis

The Synod on Synodality has caused great distress among many Catholics, who claim to already be suffering from side effects of synodality, even before the synod has begun. What are the synodal symptoms? Your once clear brain gets confused easily…. Continue Reading →

Do Aliens Exist? An Astronaut Who Walked on the Moon Says They’re Demons.

That’s actually what I believe too but I didn’t walk on the moon. I can hardly write a stinking blog post every day. Glenn Beck asks one of the few men who has walked on another world, Apollo 16 astronaut… Continue Reading →

Whoops! Remember Those “Unmarked Graves” that were “discovered” at a Catholic School in Manitoba? They were just rocks.

So….sorry about all those churches the left burned down in response to the headlines about a mass grave of children on a Catholic school property. Hey, remember when PM Justin Trudeau posed at the site of the so-called mass graves… Continue Reading →

Rutgers To Require the Jab. Insane!

In a time when it is absolutely KNOWN that the Covid jab does not prevent transmission, these insane power mad leftists are requiring thousands of students to risk their lives. The Blaze: Rutgers University has said that it will disenroll… Continue Reading →

Ohio Right to Life fires Christian after Republican lawmaker blasts her for sharing the gospel

I covered this story the other day when a Jewish GOP congressman criticized her for pronouncing the gospel. He eventually had to apologize for that but something tells me he kinda’ maintained a grudge about it. Why do I think… Continue Reading →

Archaeologist: Sodom Looks Like It’s Been Nuked

I love stories in which the Old Testament (or the New Testament for that matter) is proven historically accurate in some amazing way that is so befuddling that it must be ignored by the mainstream media. In the case of… Continue Reading →

Is Something Happening? Are we the new hippies?

Ok. Maybe it’s me but is something happening? Right here? Right now? Folk singer Oliver Anthony went from complete obscurity to having a three top hits on iTunes. This guy: This guy is the biggest baddest new music star. He… Continue Reading →

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