So….sorry about all those churches the left burned down in response to the headlines about a mass grave of children on a Catholic school property.

Hey, remember when PM Justin Trudeau posed at the site of the so-called mass graves with a teddy bear?

Yeah, so do I.

Think the Catholic Church will get any apologies from the media, Trudeau, or the leftists that burned down churches in response to the unfounded allegations.

The Post Millenial:

Chief Derek Nepinak of the Minegoziibe Anishinabe said the excavation of a Catholic church on the site of a former Manitoba school found “no conclusive evidence of human remains.” The lands the church is found on have been referred to as “mass graves” by outlets in the mainstream media.

In a video on social media, Chief Nepinak said that a specialized team of archeologists that work with the police were not able to detect any “evidence of human remains” under the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church which is the site of a former residential school in Pine Creek.

He said this “should take nothing away from the difficult truths experienced by our families who attended the residential school in Pine Creek.”

This comes after the Catholic Church and the area around it have been implicated in several stories about mass grave sites of the Manitoba nations that used to occupy the area. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau more than once made a point to bring attention to the hoax, and was infamously seen kneeling beside the so-called graves with a teddy bear in his hand.