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Month June 2023

Head of Human Rights Campaign Can’t Answer if Men and Women are Different.

Every leftist should be asked this question. Watching these people dance around an answer is priceless. Their idiocy should be disqualifying because it endangers women. The president of the HRC, Kelley Robinson, is unable to answer whether there is a… Continue Reading →

CO offers free preschool program, but prohibits Christian schools from participating

This is just plain old discrimination. This is anti-Christian prejudice. Hey, it’s a hate crime over here. If all continues as it has been, there will come a time in the near future where you will be forced to decide… Continue Reading →

Journalist Wishes Justice Alito Was Taken to See the Titanic.

Death is funny when it happens to conservatives, see. Because everyday is punch a Nazi day. And everyone but them are Nazis. Fox News: Far-Left justice correspondent for The Nation and frequent MSNBC pundit Elie Mystal suggested a “rich White… Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry! The Guy Suffocating on the Floor of the Ocean was a Republican.

Everything is political. Especially death. The leftist publication The New Republic thought you needed to know that one of the people lost in a submersible at the bottom of the ocean was a Republican. You see, they are human beings… Continue Reading →

California Mom Says her Teen Daughter was Murdered by Gender Ideology

These people are social parasites. They don’t care what happens to these teens as long as they can profit off of this contamination. And when I say profit it can be monetarily or just the social praise you receive for… Continue Reading →

MTV Poster Child for Trans Detransitions, Shares Regrets

This is not news!!! Look away. Nothing to see here. If you read on you’re probably a bigot, a hater, or a fascist or something really really bad. In the 2016 doc that aired on MTV, the girl’s mom was… Continue Reading →

Tolerance Was Never the End Goal

Tolerance was never the end goal. That was a speed bump on the way towards eradicating Christianity from the public sphere, twisting it into something usable by the left, and eventually detaching the faith from God entirely. Progressive Christians are… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Declines Christian College’s Appeal to Fight Biden’s Transgender Housing Directive.

The high court is going to have to decide this eventually. I’m hoping that this was rejected because nobody had sued the college yet over this issue. So, in short, the Biden administration issued a federal order that requires colleges… Continue Reading →

If I Can’t Trust You with Children, I Won’t Trust You With Anything.

Chris Christie wants your support for his presidential run. But he wants you to know he thinks it’s great that parents are mutilating their children’s private parts. Hot Air: Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced late last month that… Continue Reading →

Is This Something? Gallup Says Fewer in U.S. Say Same-Sex Relations Morally Acceptable.

This may just be a meaningless blip. Hard to know. I will say that among young people there does tend to be some pushback all of a sudden. I don’t think it’s based on a big return to traditional Christianity… Continue Reading →

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